One of the Unsung Heroes of Science Fiction and Fandom

November 17, 2011

Science-fiction and fandom historian Earl Terry Kemp had some very nice things to say about Ken Krueger in the online fanzine eI51 (August 2010). In his article “The Anthem Series, Part VII”, he examines some of Ken’s early publishing efforts along with commenting on Ken’s contributions to science fiction and fandom in a more general way. The following is an excerpt from that article (which may be read in its entirety at

Excerpt from “The Anthem Series, Part VII”
by Earl Terry Kemp

This is it, the very last word about the men and the publications that started the whole science fiction and fantasy industry as we know it today.

Without a doubt, it is the story of one man, Ken Krueger, a truly remarkable and enterprising individual, who spanned the entire history of this movement, from First Fandom, to first true book publication, and beyond.

Often forgotten and dismissed, his major contributions have too long gone unrewarded. Forgotten by subsequent generations, and dismissed by his peers, one person stands out, enduring the test of time having created a legacy of endeavor unmatched by any of his generation.


Ken Krueger is one of the unsung heroes of science fiction and fandom. He is not even mentioned in Advent:Publishers’ The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy. His involvement in the field can not be fully measured. He truly deserves recognition for his life-long involvement, if not solely for his publication of Skylark.

Krueger’s persistence of vision is truly amazing; he never licked the publishing bug. Out of the service, he started Shroud, then Kenneth J. Krueger: Publisher.

If no one else will beat the drum for Ken, this reader will. Ken long deserves, at the very least, a Hugo, for lifetime achievement in the field. So, here it is, Ken, my friend, kudos.

Earl Terry Kemp is the son of Earl Kemp, a Hugo-winning science-fiction fan and publisher who spoke at the first full San Diego Comic-Con (August 1970) by invitation of his friend, Ken Krueger. You can listen to a recording of what Earl had to say at that first Comic-Con at

Earl Terry Kemp has also contributed to a very cool book that his father co-edited, titled Cult Magazines: A to Z (subtitled A Compendium of Culturally Obsessive & Curiously Expressive Publications).

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