Media Coverage

Media Coverage of Ken Krueger’s Passing and His Legacy in Comics and Science-Fiction Fandom

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Online Coverage:

In Memoriam Ken Krueger: 1926-2009
Comic-Con International’s Tribute to Ken Krueger

Nicely written by Jackie Estrada

Ken Krueger; Ocean Beach bookstore was launching pad for Comic-Con
(Pete seems to have become the U/T’s go-to guy for all things Comic-Con)
November 26, 2009

Ken Krueger, R.I.P.
By Mark Evanier
November 22, 2009

A Ken Krueger Story
By Mark Evanier
November 22, 2009

Gory Stories Quarterly, No. 2½
Nice write up on Ken and the underground comix he published
On Scott Shaw!’s Oddball Comics site
Contributed by: MacQuarrie
November, 30, 2009

Ken Krueger Dies
File 770: news of science fiction fandom
November 24, 2009

RIP Ken Krueger
Publishers Weekly: The Beat
By Heidi MacDonald
November 23, 2009