“Ken Krueger Fan Club” T-Shirts Now Available

Ken Krueger Fan Club T-Shirt

Ken Krueger Fan Club T-Shirt

When you saw the 1973 picture of Ken wearing a “Ken Krueger Fan Club” t-shirt, did you think to yourself, “That’s pretty cool, I wish I had one of those!”? Well, now thanks to Ken’s sons Gus and Pete, you can have one of your very own. Let Gus tell you all about it:

Mike, thanks for posting the pics. Coincidentally, I had made Pete and I similar Ken Krueger Fan Club shirts for Christmas using Cafe Press (I know it’s hard to believe, but I don’t still have the baby size shirt Dad had made for me when I was one). If anybody wants to have their own printed, the image is all set up on the link below:

I’m obviously not posting this to make any money off this stuff, all of the prices are the bare minimum I can put them at. I just wanted to put it out there in case anyone else wanted to get themselves one.

Hope you all are happy and well.


Sounds like the perfect thing to wear to Comic-Con, so I just ordered one. In addition to the white t-shirt, you can also get a ringer-t, a baseball jersey, and even a coffee mug. Thanks Gus and Pete!